Mediterranean cuisine seasoned with a touch of Asia

Certified air filters at the Oliv

So that you and your friends feel even more comfortable and safe with us, we have purchased two air filters that are certified against corona viruses as well as other bacteria, viruses and mold spores.

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your Restaurant Oliv team

New culinary delights await you at the Oliv! Our popular Mediterranean dishes are joined by delicacies from the Asian cuisine. As we greatly appreciate both these culinary directions we would like to offer our guests the pleasure of finding this variety in one menu at the Oliv. Enjoyment, joie de vivre and a cosmopolitan, extraordinary restaurant concept – that’s what Oliv stands for. According to the motto “Asia lies on the Mediterranean”, Restaurant Oliv is ahead of the trend. Here we focus completely on high quality and convivial food in a casual atmosphere.

Together with the innovation in the kitchen, we have redesigned the interior of the restaurant with new tables, lighting and music. Everything has become more informal and cosy – a place where the passion for innovative cuisine is shared.

Our selection of wines is limited to provenances from classic European wine-growing regions and comes from producers who have made a name for themselves with their quest for quality. Their work results in what connoisseurs so appreciate: wines that stand out with their own character and the specific features of their grapes.

If you order a bottle of wine and do not want finish it you may take it home in our wine bag.

With pleasure we uncork and serve your own bottle of wine that you brought along.

Frische Kräuter aus unserem Kräutergarten im Restaurant Oliv in Basel.

Our excellent chef de cuisine Didier Bitsch pays close attention to the high quality and freshness of our ingredients. It goes without saying that we do not use any processed products (convenience food).

Kleines Frühlingsgemüse mit Erbsenpüree aus der Küche des Restaurant Olivs in Basel.
Lammschulter geschmort mit Tajine-Gemüse und Couscous aus dem Restaurant Oliv in Basel.
Wolfsbarsch-Carpaccio auf Auberginen im Restaurant Oliv in Basel.
Bouillabaisse Marseillaise vom Restaurant Oliv in Basel.

The principle of sharing with others means to order and try different dishes. It’s a culture that brings us closer to each other and makes dining-out a shared experience. Try it at the Oliv!

Tomeu Marti & Didier Bitsch
Sashimi vielerlei
Thunfischtartar mit Sojasauce
Lachs Carpaccio mit süsser Misosauce

The Asian component was brought to us by top chef Tomeu Marti. He learned his craft directly in Asia, where he worked for 3 years in Japanese kitchens. He passed on his knowledge and passion to our kitchen team.